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Re: Would you rather?

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DS9 movie, definitely. They could somehow tie in a Dominion rise, and have a bunch of epic battle sequences.

Imagine this;
A non-warp capable species is about to be wiped out by a supernova star. There's only 554 inhabitants. You are the captain of Galaxy-class starship, so you could easily fit the whole population.

Do you violate the Prime Directive, or let 554 people die??
Considering no one was every disciplined for violating the Prime Directive for humanitarian reasons in the Main Timeline, I'd save them.

Misters Orci and Kurtzman plan to introduce the grandparent/ancestor of a 24th century character to the 23rd century. Would you rather it be Riker's grandmother, the current Dax symbiont, or the great grandfather of Annika Hansen?
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