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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

To Captain Solbor's Blood: No. Actually I thought you were referring to the original movie...which had a Deltan. The only thing I know about Deltans are with the original movie...and a book that I read probably twenty years ago. I had heard that a new Star Trek for tv was in the makes....but I didn't realize that it had been discarded. That's too bad. My Star Trek knowledge has kinda gone downhill I must admit. I fell in love with Enterprise back in the early 2000's. But then the show became so convoluted and confusing that I couldn't figure anything out anymore. So I kinda became disinterested in Star Trek for a while. I wasn't crazy about the movie version with Chris Pine. However, I really enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness. Anyway, I also very recently discovered there was also a 2004 remake of Lost In Space. See, how behind the time I am? It was made in 2004 and I never knew anything about it until a few days ago. I was on youtube and it said "2004 unaired piot for Lost In Space." The pilot was never sold...or seen on tv. I think youtube's the only place you can see it. And EVERYONE absolutely hated it. However, weirdo that I am.... I loved it. If the pilot had would have quickly become my favorite.

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