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Re: Khan the most dangerous enemy of the original crew?

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You missed my point. I only brought up Dukat because he was the closest thing there was to a true recurring nemesis, which has nothing to do with how popular he is. My point about Vader is that he became over emphasized among fandom as the baddest villain, something that STID has done with Khan's importance.
It was done long before STID. The fandom amped up Khan's rep over the years purely based on TWOK.
Yes, and the franchise had never emphasized on that until now with STID.
"The Franchise" didn't spend a lot of time in the 23rd Century. There weren't a lot of opportunities for characters from that time to ramble on about how dangerous Khan was. Still on the litside they've managed a few books and comics about Khan. And even in the 24th Century, the repercussions of Khan and his brethren were being felt.

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Dukat's only seems "truer" because of the serial nature of DS9. The ones I mentioned are true recurring nemesis as well. Species like the Klingon, Borg and Romulans count too, even though they aren't individual characters.
I was pretty much going by individual characters. I still think Dukat is a legitimate case. It's too bad Tomalak wasn't used that much after a few episodes in TNG. Would have been nice to see him pop in more often, or at least meet the crew in person.
Yeah, he is. Just not the only one.

STID calls Khan the "baddest villain" because he's the villain in STID. They aren't going to have Spock say, "Yeah, he's bad news. But there's this other guy who's worse. Lucky you're not facing him."
I would have said something along the lines "one of the most dangerous adversaries I ever encountered", but that's just me. Actually, scratch that, I would have never included the Spock Prime phone call at all.
"One of the most" still undercuts Khan being the big bad in STID.
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