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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

Okay. I just rewatched the episode, Star Trek Phase 2: "Blood and Fire." It was okay, but only okay. It's an exact remake of the original series, but with a new story. The Enterprise, the uniforms, just about everything matched the original series. It had the same characters, but different actors. However, the only thing really interesting is the love scene between Peter Kirk and his boyfriend Alex. Peter Kirk is pretty hot by the way. Most of the actors did NOT match the original series. I would say that the best match was Chekov. That actor was pretty much perfect. In the original series the actors looked really flattering and smart in their uniforms. However, this is not the case for this series. The uniforms made most of the actors look fat and dumpy. If you had the slightest tummy, it bulged and looked unflattering. Even handsome Peter Kirk looked a bit dumpy in his Starfleet uniform - when it's obvious he's in great shape (he removes his shirt in part of the episode.) I'd venture to say that Kirk and Chekov looked the best in their uniforms...however the actor who played Kirk definitely did not fill William Shatner's shoes in the least. The actress who played Tasha Yar in Next Generation had a part. She played her own great-grandmother in the episode. The plot and story were a bit weak...however, the romance between Peter Kirk and his boyfriend, Alex was interesting.
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