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Re: Peter David comic book story

Thanks, Therin, that was much more detail than I've seen in what I remember of Arnold posts some time back. I had been of the understanding (erroneous now, I can see) that he worked for Paramount when in reality he worked directly for Roddenberry, so yeah, I can see him being out of a job when Paramount rolled up Rod's office. But I remember reading tales on the BBS about Arnold being difficult to deal with (and read a rumor that he had been brusquely escorted off property the day after Roddenberry's death), which if true would help explain why Paramount didn't find him a suitable position, which it looks to me like they then filled with Guy Vardaman. But now that I have more background on his position and his relationship with the Roddenberrys, comparing that knowledge with earlier stories about Arnold's way being the only True Way, was he genuinely relaying what he got out of scripts, proposals, et al to Gene and taking Gene's feedback to the authors and creators, or was he just making decisions in Roddenberry's name without really consulting him? I don't know what kind of a "hands-on" guy Roddenberry was while Arnold was working for him, whether he trusted Arnold's take on the material or whether he just didn't want to be bothered with it. I mean, as a Trek reader it doesn't have any real bearing on reading current Trek books, but there's been some uncomplimentary things said about him on the BBS and I'm curious if they're accurate as well as placing them in proper historical context. FWIW, even if I were paid to minutely examine every Trek proposal and manuscript that crossed my desk (and surely some of the truly bad ones got weeded out before even hitting Arnold's desk...), I might get a little surly and demanding myself while dealing with exceptionally shitty ideas.
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