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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

Reading through these posts that try to that try to fit together the biochemistry of sexuality, the supposed openly sexual culture of the Deltans and the questions of sexual identity just prove to me once more that sometimes Gene Roddenberry had incredibly convoluted ideas. Deltans are highly sexual, which drives humans crazy, BUT they give these oaths of celibacy that solve the whole problem? Oh, please! And Deltan women produce strong pheromones (or some other chemical) that that make them irresistible? If that were the case, no oath would make it possible for humans to work with them. I find the concept of Deltans--hypersexual, super-attractive, but unattainable--to be adolescent at best. It makes me wonder if in the middle of an argument with Majel, Gene ever claimed that his dalliances were a sign of his sexual maturity.
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