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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

I'm not sure where I read that from...I think it might have been TV Guide. But it was many years ago when "Enterprise" first began. That's how I heard the rumor about Malcolm potentially being the first gay man on Star Trek. But the article said that it was only a rumor. They spoke with Scott Bakula (I'm positive...I remember reading this). And he did say he didn't think the show was ready for a gay man...but he could see having a lesbian character. This I'm positive...I thought it strange and it etched into my memory because I thought it was rather stupid. AND...I kept waiting for Malcolm to come out of the closet...but he NEVER did. I'm assuming that Bakula has drastically changed his tune since then because he's supposed to be staring in a gay themed show. But I know that I DID read it from some where. I wouldn't make up something like that.
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