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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

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So far the show needed a major character in it that wasn't pissed off all the time. None of the actors are (so far) pulling "angry" properly. Kira is the worst. There's no subtle layers of emotion, it's just bitch mode 24/7.
Sisko is not much better, but he's not "angry" per say, just a loudmouthed oaf.

I'm not there yet. I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far though.
I won't insist that you like the character, but I do think that this approach is typical of Star Trek series: certain characters are played in an extreme manner, but that is dialed back over the course of the series. It's worth noting that both Dorn and Visitor went into their auditions in character and neve broke, portraying a constant hostility and rigidness. And in both cases, the extremeness of the portrayal gave the writers something to work with, allowing the characters to become more nuanced as they were challenged. I think you'll find the character more developed and complex by the end of the series.
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