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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

1) This Is 40 - C+
2) Easy A - A-
3) The Bounty Hunter - B+
4) Crazy, Stupid, Love. - B-

5) What To Expect When You're Expecting - B+
6) Contagion - C

7) Identity Thief - A
8) We Bought A Zoo - A-

9) The Ides of March - B+
10) Top Gun - C+
11) It Could Happen To You - B+
12) Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - A+
13) Mirror, Mirror - A
14) Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World - A
15) Inglorious Basterds - B+
16) Independence Day - B+
17) Star Trek Into Darkness - B+

18) Kick-Ass - B
19) The Heat - B-
20) Monsters Inc. - B+
21) White House Down - B+
22) Saving Private Ryan - A

23) Air Force One - A-
24) MASH - B+

25) Airplane! - B+
26) The Island - B
27) Love, Actually - A-
28) Kickass 2 - C+
29) 28 Days - C
30) Mamma Mia - B+
31) I Do (And I Don't) - F
32) Admission - D-
33) The Upside Of Anger - D-
34) The Book of Eli - B+
35) Pitch Perfect - D+

Is this what's passing for comedy and general good movies in theatres today with Rotten Tomatoes even giving it a high review?

This was painful, painful, painful. First off, even if I didn't know coming into this that Rebel Wilson was a one note actress, I'd still hate her performance as Fat Amy. None of the main characters made me empathize with them at all.

I don't know how much they could've done with better writing, but it would have been a start. Instead of coming out and poking fun at the old stereotypes like the blonde American control-freak (do these girls actually exist anywhere besides these movies?) or the lesbians or the larger girls, why don't you say something profound about the state of acceptance in our world? No, let's give them one-liners instead and skate by. The lead bitch of Aubrey is so steadfast about the traditions of the Bella's and then magically decides that Beca's ideas, which she has rejected totally for the entire movie is the way they should go. She just hands over control like that because of a koom-by-ya session without a second thought. Yeah, because that's realistic. The other experienced Bella, Chloe, has one of her first scenes in the college shower room basically standing over Beca like she's going to take advantage of her to force her to sing some song, going on about how comfortable she is in her skin. Really? Maybe with the guy you were just fucking, but with a girl you just met because her voice is pretty? Maybe if Chloe had been set up as a lesbian or bisexual character herself and maybe she's attracted to her voice on that level, but not just "Ohmigod, you can sing! I'm going to stand here with everything hanging out to make you sing more!" All Fat Amy is given is one liners that mostly highlight that she is indeed fat. Well, I guess you can only give Rebel Wilson so much to do before she gets out of her range.

I can excuse bad acting sometime, but I can't excuse horrible writing. The plot was already going to be the tired old "boy meets girl, they break up, they get together" thing, but they had such an opportunity to shake that up or at least do something along the way. But they decided it'd be better to just do the same old same old and do it like crap.
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