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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

Getting back to the Deltons. I read a story years ago called Dwellers of the Crucible. It's been ages since I've read it. But according to that story, the Deltons are a VERY highly sexual race. I have no idea about the males of that race because the author didn't go into that subject. However, the females do produce a highly potent form of sexual pheromones. Why? I have no idea. However, in the story three Deltons, a human female, and a Vulcan female were abducted by Klingons. Even though they were imprisoned, the three Deltons stayed huddled together...and often having group sex despite their circumstances. I think at one point, the human female joined them, but never the Vulcan female. All three Deltons eventually ended up dying. According to this version, most Deltons MUST be around other Deltons to survive. Kind of a co-dependency thing. I recall that the Klingons removed the older male Delton, and he died soon afterwards. Later the Klingons removed the female, and she died minutes after removing her from the other male Delton. Chrysander (the last Delton) died not long after the female was removed. The human female tried to take the place of the other two Deltons, and constantly clung to him and hugged him. However Chrynsander died not long after the female Delton was removed. Apparently some can survive without others of their species, like in the original motion picture. However, this must not be the norm for the majority of Deltons. Although the females do produce a powerful pheromone, I think Deltons think that sex is sex...and they'd have no problems with homosexuality or bisexuality. I don't know, but by the tone of that book, it appeared to hint that all Deltons seem to be bisexual. Female Deltons pheromones DO work on men. Whether the males be human or otherwise. And it's NOT just sex. Delton females can use these pheromones to alter moods and not necessarily sex. They also control their men by these pheromones. Could a female Delton alter the moods of a human gay male. I'm sure that she could. However, I don't know for certain if she could cause a gay male to feel amorous towards her. I guess it would depend on the human male...and if he had some type of attraction towards females that he hasn't come to realize. But the ultimate answer is: I just don't know.
Here's something also that the book claimed. The human female in that story eventually has a sexual affair with one of her Klingon captors. And according to the story, Klingon males have three testicles. Just thought that would be something interesting to mention.
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