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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

I apologize. I by no means meant that remark seriously at all. I do not believe homosexuality is a disease. I was making a flippant remark about how there are almost NEVER any gay role models on Star Trek. I believe that there definitely SHOULD be a few gay role models here and there with Star Trek. I was very disappointed that the show Enterprise didn't come thru and have a great gay role model. Malcolm would have been perfect. But apparently the show decided to go another way. I personally, would be thrilled if they added a gay character to the Star Trek Saga. Heck! The guy who plays Spock in the new series is actually gay. I'm glad that Star Trek hired a gay actor...but would have been happier if they had just added a new character who happened to be gay. The "cure" thing was absolutely and completely sarcastic. I thought that was obvious. Apparently I was wrong. And I apologize.

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