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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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^Ummm...a major part of the story was that the Vulcans had been keeping these mating customs a closely-guarded secret. Kirk and McCoy spent half the episode just figuring out what was going on with Spock, there was nothing on record about his condition. And T'Pau was scandalized that outworlders were present at the ceremony.

Did you even watch the episode?
Did you ever watch TSFS where Admiral Morrow says I don't understand 'Vulcan mysticism' and refuses to help Spock or McCoy. Its no wonder with attitudes like that, that Vulcans keep secrets.

And everyone knew about T'Pols imitation pon farr and Paris made sure everyone knew about Tuvoks pon farr. I know this came later but we are talking about an in-Star Trek explanation.

We all know that Kirk had no idea that it was going to be a fight to the death but T'Pau didn't know that and probably didn't care. It was clear that they were guests of Spock and were supposed to behave like Vulcans would in their situation. Otherwise from her point of view they should have left. Kirk had a chance to bail out and he refused. Was T'Pau supposed to give him another couple of chances? This is the tough way Vulcans live. Kirk was treated as if he were a Vulcan. Just as Stonn would be if T'Pring had selected him as her champion instead. Kirk is supposed to be a Starfleet Ambassador not some back-packing tourist.

Its like me visiting another country and expecting them to conform to my customs and bend over backwards to cater for me. Should I be allowed to drink and take drugs in a country where alcohol is illegal because I'm a westerner and I didn't know?

In this episode the Vulcans did nothing wrong. Unless they're not allowed to have their own local laws. Kirk did nothing wrong. McCoy lied but hey he's human. And it looks like T'Pau forgave everyone by getting them off the hook with Starfleet.
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