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Re: Dear Doctor... How could you do this?

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Because why the heck wouldn't you save them? You'd save an injured dog or an animal species about to go extinct.
From Time and Again

JANEWAY: You have no idea what the consequences might be once you involve yourself.
PARIS: The consequences would have to be better than mass destruction.
JANEWAY: You're not to warn these people. That's an order.
I was gonna post this but as I read on I see you already did that. Thanks, I'm totally with Paris on the PD and every time Trek tried presenting Janeway or Picard as those in the right for saying stuff like that I wanted to pull my hair out. Even this little bit makes Janeway look appalling.

JANEWAY: Don't even think about it, Tom. The Prime Directive is clear. We cannot allow our presence to alter this planet's natural course of events.
PARIS: Even if the natural course of events is annihilation?

I'm wondering if Roddenberry was really the one that cooked up this bullshit in the first place. This is the earliest example but it's not specific to saving civilizations from natural disasters. A line from Data in "The Last Outpost".

DATA: Starfleet has permitted several civilizations to fall. We have at times allowed the strong and violent to overcome the weak.
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