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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

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Keep folks guessing over whether this is Abrams' timeline or the original. And it opens up some possibilities. Perhaps those on this specific world attempt to be "more Vulcan than Vulcan." I'm just thinking out loud here.
I see what you mean, fair enough. Although in fairness I don't think they'd really need to be trying to be "more Vulcan than Vulcan" to point up the absurdly outsized Vulcan obsession with the prestige of their Science Academy. (I have to give it to Abrams: the scene with NuSpock and the Science Academy's rectors in ST09 was nicely done, and believable as a part of Vulcan character as it played out even in the early days of the franchise.)

Perhaps we should have a Klingon pacifist aboard too...
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