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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

There were Rangers today at New York Comic-Con, handing out #FreeBabylon5 buttons. A short report from Ranger George:
"We had some transportation issues this morning and arrived at the con a bit late. We only caught the last 15 mins of the workshop. ... Gave out buttons to about 30 or 40 fans, and JMS himself took one. He thanked us for the effort. Also, at the end of the workshop, someone shouted "Free Babylon 5!""
Ranger George and Ranger Tara will be handing out buttons again tomorrow at JMS' spotlight panel. You can recognize them from their costumes (Earthforce officer and Ranger).

Also, yesterday those who are signed up for the B5 books emails got a note with the links to the two polls listed upthread. At the moment, B5 is #1 in the 'favorite 23rd century' poll and a solid #2 behind Breaking Bad for 'favorite final episode'.

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