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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

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That's the alternate timeline. NX-01 already had some form of structural integrity fields back in the 22nd century; different technical progression there.
Not neccessarily, there are things which speak for it being the alternate timeline (I suppose you mean the Abramsverse) and things speaking against that, like the last episode of Enterprise.
Let me get this straight: you liked "These are the Voyages" but you DIDN'T like the last two Star Trek movies?

If things are as muddled as Enterprise, I think it's a matter of opinion.
It's ALWAYS a matter of opinion, but we know for a fact that Enterprise is part of the Abrams timeline even if we do not for certain know this of the TOS timeline. Otherwise, it's just one more thing that cannot really BE reconciled between Enterprise and the rest of trek canon.
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