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Re: Ok Trekkers, Don't Forget To Sign Up For Mandatory Obamacare Oct 1

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Obamacare literally keeps me up at night.
Well, thankfully you have nothing useful to do in the morning, so that's ok.

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What is there to investigate? All the info comes from people who are biased. (...) Thats the truh of the matter for me personally, ignoring all the BS from both sides.
There are countless non-partisan sources who have provided in-depth analysis of the ACA. You seem to have abundant time on your hands, so you can spare thirty seconds for a Google search. Trust me, you will find no shortage of information about the ACA from sources who don't have a dog in the fight.
And some of them are even in this thread. As I've said, living in Italy I get my healthcare from our national health service, and while there are issues here and there, my experiences with it have been outstanding, and it's ranked as one of the best in the world. I have nothing to gain from the ACA, but I fully support it because I have American friends and it's a huge step for the US, trying to address some of the biggest issues in the US abysmal record regarding access to health care.

Also, there's always actually reading the law and thinking with your own head, but I guess that's science fiction.

Im N Ur Childhoodz wrote: View Post

This is now officially the most depressing thread ever, and we've had people die here before.
I usually avoid playing the armchair psychologist, but if his comments are representative of his actual worldview, sounds like kirk5(...)5 suffers from some kinda of clinical depression. Maybe the ACA will cover it!
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