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Re: Best tactician? Kirk,Picard, Sisko or Janeway?

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On the other hand, Sisko also lost his ship. Picard as well (Stargazer, E-D doesn't count, he wasn't aboard). Janeway and Archer arrived at the end of the series with the original ships, and Kirk only lost his because he had a crew of 5 and lost the automation. Points off for Sisko and Picard there.
Not sure I agree with your reasoning here. You're saying that Sisko's to blame for losing his ship to a direct hit from a weapon that the Federation wasn't even aware of is his fault, but it's not Kirk's fault his chief engineer didn't have enough common sense to prepare the ship for combat? And bear in mind that it was Kirk's choice to take only five people aboard Enterprise. Plot device or no, what he did was exceptionally risky and worked out only because he was up against commander who managed to be stupider than he was.

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