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How is their claim weak? The only reason they left the planet is because they forced out by the Ba'ku and now they are using force to kick the Ba'ku off the planet. So they are doing the same thing the Ba'ku did to them.

Plus the Son'a really should have studied everything they could have about the Federation before they entered into a alliance with them, it seems like with a little research they would have found out about the PD and then used it to their advantage.

If the PD prevents the Federation from stopping Cardassia from ravaging Bajor, why wouldn't prevent the Federation from doing anything to stop the Son'a?

That is why making the Son'a Ba'ku didn't work. If the Son'a were just really evil alien invaders who just wanted to live forever, then they would make more sense as characters.
I don't really think it was the Prime Directive that prevented the Federation from helping Bajor. It was the fact that the Federation failed to win an overwhelming victory in the Federation/Cardassian war and valued peace more highly than justice for Bajor.
Except Picard told a Bajoran leader in the "Ensign Ro" episode, that the invasion of Bajor occurred within Cardassian borders and that is why they didn't get involved. So it seems like it was more of a political decision not get involved, more then anything else.

Also it seems like that Federation didn't want to get involved in the Klingon Civil War, because it was an internal Klingon matter. Heck, the Federation didn't want to stop the Circle from taking over Bajor, because that was considered an internal Bajoran matter, regardless of Cardassian involvement.

Again it seems like the Son'a could have just told the truth, claimed it was an internal matter and then the Federation wouldn't have done anything and they would have won. That is why making the Son'a Ba'ku didn't work, it brought up a million plot holes.
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