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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Heard the same about Kuroda, possible. If you throw another 16M at him, maybe he stays one more year.

Think you're *overly optimistic* about the rotation. Maybe CC bounces back, but do you really expect him to go right back to being an ace? Lot of miles on that flabby arm. 16-18 wins for Pineda seems a tad high, seeing as how he's not thrown a single pitch for you in the two years you've had him. Big jump from 0 to 18. Nova has that potential, I suppose, but isn't exactly trending up over the last 3 years (the opposite). Robertson might be the area that's of least concern, at least he's healthy and can play. Rivera aside, "Official team closer" doesn't have to be as big a deal as it's made out to be. Check out the Sox this year, who took 4 tries before finding one that stuck this year...

As for Jeter? Come on. All the respect in the world for him, but he IS a liability in the field. Always used to be (spare me the gold glove talk, not exactly an advanced metric, and rewards flash over substance), and he's slowed down a LOT over the past couple years. This one has been beat to death on sports websites, no need to rehash. Other than to say Jeter's little jump and throw move looks flashy, but takes longer and gets less on the ball than a real throw every time. Seen that broken down on tape a lot

Here you go, with pictures, video, and gif files to show the proof. The metrics show Jeter costing something around 230-260 runs over his career...

Glad you liked the TBS coverage of the As/Tigers game: thats' the Red Sox announcing crew. With Eckersley filling in for Remy. Hope that part stays permanent, Eck is a fantastic addition to the booth.
Yeah, I'm a fan...

But I watch no less that 145 games a year. Been doin that for about 7 years.

The numbers can say one thing, but I haven't seen us lose a game because Derek's defense yet.
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