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Re: JJ Abrams apologizes for lens flare

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One might be moved to wonder what you called him first in order to prompt such a response,
Since you make a good point, I'll elaborate a bit more for the sake of making sure no one has to wonder. It's kind of funny because I wasn't even responding to a post he had made, let alone call him anything to provoke such a response. On Trekmovie's Post-release Into Darkness odds & ends and General Discussion comment section, Other Guy (post #231) made a comment about how Marcus wanting a war with the Klingons was akin to the US attacking Iraq even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or the accusations we used to go to war in the first place. I made a post (#257) saying how even though that is true, we still attacked Afghanistan first since that was a country that was harboring those terrorists. Not only does Marcus not have any beef with the Romulans, the Romulans aren't even mentioned at all in the movie. Despite saying only that, boborci responded (#291) by simply saying "enough crack smoking. Say no."

And that is it.
No one cares. Really.
Wrong. Really. Really wrong.
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