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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Your YouTube mention had me curious as to what's going with this collection. Well, if that previously mentioned comment wasn't enough...I found a Review that's even worse than that. Get a load of this one: (and I warn your might just go blind after this one.)
Was he trying to imply that his cock is a big as the E-D? More errors of scale.
There were so many things wrong with that video, I hardly know where to begin. First of all, the camera angle was too low (crotch shot not withstanding). I mean there was more 'table top' in the shot than visible subject (the magazine). Could he not have tilted his camera up, somehow? Two, the crotch shot. I mean not only was it straight on, but it was spread eagle and with gym shorts that wan't flattering. I mean, DAMN...

And're not gonna like this one...the British Accents. I'm sorry, but you guys over there across the Pond, need to realize that even though we speak the same language, trying to understand that dialect is darn near impossible to us Colonials over here. Some are worse than others, but to me at least, I equate the thick British accent as something akin to the American Appalachian Redneck accent.
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