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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

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You've read it correctly. Essentially the problem supposedly in older 2270s refit ships by the 2280s is that the structural stresses on the skeleton were causing problems with compression and structural frames. Hence putting trussed bracings in the pressure compartments is meant to help relieve some of that pressure.
Cool, glad I was on the same page there.

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
Your interpretation of the trussed macrofilament model is also more or less correct, though the TNGTM also suggests the frames are then welded with the outer hull members into a combined stress hull with the interior being suspended by a separate lattice work that has substantial shock flexibility.

Using an automobile comparison, one might consider the old system the ancient American loved body on frame construction and the newer system being a semi-monocoque design.
Ahh, the car comparison makes it perfectly clear. I was thinking that in TOS the compartments and skeleton would be of equal importance to the hull and skeleton in terms of structural strength, but that for TNG the hull and attached frame would be far more important - freeing up the internal arrangement to be whatever the designers wanted it to be without having to cram everything into compartments.

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
I'm a little torn on this one. I think this would be a gradual evolution, but that a Miranda constructed in 2310 vs 2330, the latter would no longer be using the hull compartment model. The interiors we see of TNG/DS9 era TMP design ships suggest that these have interior commonality with modern Federation ships. (See: Saratoga from "The Emissary" or albeit non-canon, the Righteous from "Star Trek: Borg")
Yeah, that's along the lines of what I thought... at a certain point it just doesn't make sense to rebuild the old designs to me, though, if you're essentially redesigning them.

I'm also rather torn about just how useful even a redesigned Miranda would actually be. The Saratoga seemed to have accomodations for family and has new tech, but I wonder just how many crew she actually had aboard? Did she have a small operational crew, similar to but larger than that of the Lantree, as a result of automation, thereby allowing her to carry families and other civilians? And if so, was she special, or was this par for the course?

I guess what I'm thinking is that these ships might have been able to perform many of the same duties they did in the 23rd century, albeit with less crew and more room for ammenities. So most of the ones we see in the Dominion War are the equivalent of Starfleet birds of prey, with one or two dozen crew aboard.

It's still a bit hard for me to imagine Starfleet building any more Mirandas, even with the new tech and circumstances you've described, after 2350. Maybe even after 2340.
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