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Re: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

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No, it's true.

Apparently the same for Wendy Darling's England that Bae visited.
Actually, Wendy's Victorian London WAS the REAL-WORLD Victorian London, as per statements made at the time Second Star to the Right aired.

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The timeframe of this show is hard to nail down.
No, it's not. Here's how things are:

Neal/Baelfire ended up in OUR Victorian Era England before ending up in Neverland. He then escaped Neverland and ended up in Portland in the year 2000, where he ran into Emma and fell in love with her.

Alice comes from an entirely different world where the Victorian Era never ended.

I'm not sure how you get that about Alice simply by watching the first episode of this show. Is this something the creators have said that you read about it? Because I really do not see anything in the Alice scenes to imply that it's not 19th century England(our universe), but actually a world where it's the 21st century, but the Victorian era never ended. If there had been steampunk computers or portraits of Queen Elizabeth/Prince Charles/Prince William/etc... on the wall that were quickly visible I could see making that point.

But I personally did not see evidence that would have led me to say "Oh, so she's from Victorian-era England world where the technology/style just stayed that way."
Alice coming from a fictional, alternate-reality Victorian London is, as I noted already, 'word of God' information straight from the mouths of Adam and Eddy, and the other pieces of timeline-related info come straight from OUaT itself.

Also, as I already noted, time travel doesn't exist in the Once-Verse.
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