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Re: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

I really enjoyed this personally, I thought Alice was played really well and the Knave was a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out, and while I usually prefer ensemble shows I think I'll enjoy this smaller focus for awhile. The Red Queen was... eh, not terrible imo. I liked her dismissiveness in "killing" the Genie. Jafar was definitely fun, though I'm a bit confused - is the prison where he's keeping Cyrus in the same "world" as Wonderland or was that massive pan just for effect? I like the twist on some familiar Wonderland inhabitants, a more feral Cheshire Cat, a downtrodden White Rabbit...

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Alice comes from an entirely different world where the Victorian Era never ended.
Wait, what? I didn't get this impression at all, it's far simpler to assume the Knave and White Rabbit time-traveled.
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