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Re: ST VI:TUC Out of character for McCoy?

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I'm watching The Undiscovered Country again and it just strikes me as out of character for McCoy after Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is shot and McCoy is working on him and says:

"Jim, I don't even know his anatomy."

To me, that's not like McCoy at all. I would have thought Bones would have been able to pull a rabbit out of his hat as usual and for him not to be ready for alien visitors and be ready to treat anything from a scraped knee (do Klingons have knees?) to an allergic reaction to the food is just strange. Did Starfleet send them out unprepared? Was McCoy slacking as he got towards retirement? Was McCoy bigoted? Or was McCoy not prepared for Kirk to even ask the Klingons to dinner and never expected to have to treat one?

Is that odd to anyone else?
not odd to me at all. wouldnt you be in some sort of a shock after realizing youre being set up. your ship just fired on the klingons that you just had over for dinner, and you have no proof at all that you arent the culprit. in fact, everything points to you. he beams aboard the Kronos 1, sees death EVERYWHERE, and the chancellor is on the verge of passing away! so, after offering to help the poor guy, he realizes his anatomy is not what he is used to opperating on. he works for Starfleet. his job is to repair the human body, and any other species on board his ship. anything else is secondary. also, its not like he has had much practice time with the klingon anatomy. they are after all, up to that time, well known enemies.
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