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Re: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

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The timeframe of this show is hard to nail down.
No, it's not. Here's how things are:

Neal/Baelfire ended up in OUR Victorian Era England before ending up in Neverland. He then escaped Neverland and ended up in Portland in the year 2000, where he ran into Emma and fell in love with her.

Alice comes from an entirely different world where the Victorian Era never ended.

Cora's reign as the Queen of Hearts started at some point after Regina shoved her through Rumple's magical looking glass, and ended just prior to the Curse being cast (which equates to 1983 in our world) after she and Hook went to the Enchanted Forest and she faked her own death for Regina's benefit.

As originally shot, the opening of Down the Rabbit Hole featured Storybrooke scenes that clearly took place concurrently with/during the events of the OUaT Season 2 premiere, Broken.
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