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Isn't Cora The Queen of Hearts?
Yes, Cora is the QoH, and yes, the PTBs want to get Barbara Hershey to reprise the role on the show (most likely in flashbacks, since she's kind of dead in the present, post-Curse timeframe in which the show's main narrative is set).
The timeframe of this show is hard to nail down. Alice comes from 19th century England... yet the Knave of Hearts is picked up in 21st century Storybrooke.

Baelfire was previously dropped into 19th century England where he then went to Neverland for presumably decades before ending up back in the real world.

Is the 19th century England that Alice comes from not the same as the 19th century England that exists in the Storybrooke world? Does the White Rabbit's "rabbit holes" exist outside of time and space and if so then how does one pinpoint just exactly "when" the story in OUAT-W is actually taking place in regards to the OUAT universe?

We know Cora at some point is the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. Alice talked about her adventures in the aslyum, but did those adventures include meeting the Queen of Hearts and the things from the story we know, or is that yet to happen?
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