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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Three episodes into Enemy...Gotta love how, after inititally joking joking about how it being in black and white meant we'd be at least spared Letts poor CSO usage, he still managed to sneak in the monochrome equivalent with a poorly back projected garden. But bloody hell, Patrick Troughton really is brilliant and elevates the whole thing beyond how it comes across in audio/recons. As good as what Loose Cannon do is, nothing can actually equal him running along the beach in his long johns clicking his heels together with joy. Nor his priceless face of glee when he's told by Astrid what a brilliant man he is and how it falls into a grump after she says he'll probably die.
Nice to have the long standing vagueness over when the story is set firmly solved by a big close up of a sign with the year on it as well (2018 rather than the more often guessed 2017).
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