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Re: USA and UK surviving into the Trek era

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Its the future. The full address won't even fit on a box that big.

Bureau of Penology
Stockholm, Sweden
Eurasia. Earth
Sol System, Sector 001
United Federation of Planets.
You might be able to omit everything after "Sol System." Mail within America doesn't mention "USA," and you only put down a country if the mail is going outside your own.

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Unspeakable wrote: View Post
Sulu said that he was born in San Francisco, that would make him a American by birth. Of course, that makes the assumption that the city of San Francisco is part of the United States in the 23rd century.
Why wouldn't it be?
Well it is two and a half centuries in the future, things change. San Francisco could be part of the People's Republic of California (). Or it might be a sovereign city state of it's own, the peninsula, Marin county, San Jose and maybe Oakland. Something like that.

Another possibility is, as I understand it the current series of novels (which admittedly I don't read) place the federation legislature in the city of San Francisco, along with Starfleet Headquarter and the Academy.

The entire city might be "extra-territorial." Legally not a part of Earth.

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