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Re: Sorry Johnny, your ship's too small...

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Basically the two larger end sizes are somewhat preposterous and even the Church 366m might be a bit problematic. Especially when we consider Kelvin is probably meant to have existed in the Prime Timeline as well.
Fits just fine to me, especially since the NuEnterprise's engine room is at least as big as the E-E's (even if its warp core is twenty times larger).
The NIF target chamber room is just under 100m across and four stories (87m) tall. IIRC, the E-E engine room is three stories tall and quite a bit smaller (and IIRC they made it even smaller in Nemesis, owing to lack of studio space)

(by the way, that one chamber is too wide and tall for a 366m Enterprise's tiny engineering hull!)
Well, I was mainly referring to the actual core, which is about the same height as the E-E's core but is spherical and considerably wider in diameter.

OTOH, I do believe that Enterprise's entire engineering section probably bears an uncanny resemblance the NIF facility as a whole. This being a pre-intermix starship, most of the "waveguides" that connect to the core are probably plasma conduits leading to energizer arrays further forward (while the "Beer vat" room would probably fill the optics assembly room in the adjacent compartment.
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