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Re: USA and UK surviving into the Trek era

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A large portion of my father's side of the family lives in Brazil, and I lived there as a child, and have visited other nations on the continent. For someone from South America to self identify as a "American" is almost unknown.
Then it is possible I have been misinformed, because I took a class that stated the opposite: that in many Latin American countries in particular, in Both North and South America, many people identify themselves as "American," regardless if they are Mexican, Guatemalan, Panamanian, etc. Perhaps it is more a Central American thing, then? Or maybe it is a small but vocal amount of people who do this? Or it could possibly be something more akin to a train of thought rooted mostly in academia? Or maybe a little bit of all, where maybe it is a very small minority of people in said locations that practice this, and academia has picked up on this and exaggerated the extent of the practice, making it sound more widespread than it really is?

Anyway, my understanding for the rationale of people in the Americas outside the US calling themselves "American," is somewhat of a reaction to the fact the US citizens referring to themselves as American, and they feel the term has been highjacked by the US, and minimizes or excludes other people that live in the Americas, but outside the US.
I've an Aunt from Argentina and I've never heard anything like that from her, or her family when they come over. Sounds like PCness run amok more than anything else to me.
^^ This. It sounds like whoever taught that class was more concerned with disseminating Politically Correct propaganda than teaching facts.

The primary meaning of "American" is "a citizen or national of the United States of America" or "of, belonging to, or pertaining to the United States of America."

As for South America, they stole our name.
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