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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Is there really no thread on this? Hopefully I didn't miss it.

I liked the Knave of Hearts, sort of a Jake Gylenhall with a British accent, he keeps your attention when he's onscreen. I thought the Cheshire Cat was menacing and freaky. I'm not so sure about Alice but she does not have a typical Hollywood look.

However, I can't believe that whoever is in charge of casting could think whoever is playing the Red Queen is the best choice out of what must be a huge pool of actresses looking for work. Maybe she'll blossom but terrible first impression, not so much bad as *nothing*. The love interest seems like a bit of a drip as well.

Normally, I'd applaud the decision to stay so focused on Wonderland but I think this might be one of those series that would work better crossing over with the real world. Maybe that will come but Wonderland seemed kind of meandering. I've found that historically with Wonderland stories, it's a wondrous place for a child to visit once but there's not much as-is to propel further adventures. If there going to stick with that they really need to commit and build on the world. Running around a bunch of hedge mazes while the queen kvetches is not going to cut it.
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