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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

I bought Enemy, but, Episode 4 crapped out on me during the download? What do you do about iTunes messing up like that? Episode 4 is in a separate folder "downloading", where as the rest of them the episodes are in a folder called "TV Shows"

Also, not really happy with the Streaming on iTunes, the synch is off between video and audio and it doesn't appear to be playing at the proper speed either. And, it doesn't appear I can burn them to DVD, so, it seems I pretty much wasted my $9.99 since I can't watch them from iTunes at the proper speed and can't burn them so I can watch them on my DVD Player

Over the weekend, I'll try shutting down some processes, to see if that improves my performance, but, episode 4 really chaps my hide. So, if anyone can tell me how I reaquire that from iTunes, it would be much appreciated (I've never used iTunes before this, I do all my audios through Big Finish and or Amazon)
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