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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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I usually don't go for double dips if I can avoid it, but I'm willing to make an exception in this regard. I'm already downloading the digital copies The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World and plan to get the DVD copies as well.
I, too, will be a double dipper. Something I almost never do, especially buying the different formats so close to each other. But, it's a great way to celebrate the 50th!

I've already downloaded Enemy and will watch it this weekend. I have to finish War Games first, which I thought was going to be my last Troughton until Moonbase comes out. So, I'm pleasantly surprised!

Which leads me to another point: Why wait until the episodes had been remastered and ready for immediate download before officially confirming the finds? What harm would there have been to simply announce that they had been found? I can understand if this was a case of negotiations, but it seems to me that those negotiations happened some time ago if the episodes are already restored and ready to go.
This has puzzled me as well. Clearly, they waited to announce anything until it was all set. Ordinarily, that wouldn't be a big deal to me as I'm not an urgent consumer of media.

However, this time, it fostered the omnirumor and the rampant up and downs of a rollercoaster ride! It was not a fun ride for fans leading to excitement and dissappointment. A definitive announcement could've settled it. "This is what we've found, but it's not ready to release. Enemy and Web will be released on iTunes before the anniversary."

Also, we STILL don't know the true number of finds. As far as I know, the BBC hasn't definitely said this was all, just that was all they're announcing at this time. Still not sure if I should believe the rumors or not! So, it goes on thanks to the BBC's deceptiveness!

It just fits with my dim view of how the BBC is managed.

All in all, it has a great ending even if it's "just" Enemy and Web, two top notch stories that I've wanted to see for decades! I just wish we had a definitive answer about whether we should expect more, or not!

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