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Plenty. At various times a ship's compliment is mentioned it's usually followed by the word officers. EG the Enterprise D has 1000 officers, Defiant has 40 officers, Voyager 150 officers and so on.
OK, thanks. Any specific episodes?

Use of Time wrote: View Post
I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I find the term "Starfleet Officers" as a catch all for everyone to be unecessarilly redundant, misleading and possibly disrespectful to the enlisted pesonnel.
It does raise the question of why the same word would be used in two different ways, one that includes everyone and one that does not. But like a lot of issues dealing with Starfleet enlisted personnel, they made it up as they went along so there are bound to be inconsistencies.

starburst wrote: View Post
Starfleet Officer, Starfleet is made up of Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers. In some of the shows, mainly Voyager and Enterprise, they labelled the generic characters as Crewmen (even when some of them have rank)
I don't think we can assume all enlisted personnel are non-commissioned or petty officers, which has historically meant a position of some technical and/or leadership experience. And "crewman" is apparently a rank or class of rank: "crewman first class" is used in "The Drumhead."
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