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All enlisted personnel are not called NCO's. An NCO is an enlisted person that achives the E-4 grade in the Navy and E-5 grade in the Army. Enlisted personnel below that are not NCO's. That is probably why "crewman" in Starfleet is most likely similar to "seamen" in the Navy or "Private" in the Army.

That is why I disagree with the term "officers" as a catch all. That and most enlisted personnel hate to be mistaken for officers.
All true, but in the Army an E-4 can be an NCO if he/she is a Corporal. Yes it is a lateral promotion and the pay grade is the same, but he/she does wear stripes and is referred to as an NCO.
Yep, forgot about the CPL. I rarely encountered them during my tenure but yes they are very much NCO's.
Yeah it all depends on if the unit has CPL billets. I see them every once in a while and I used to think CPL was reserved for combat arms MOSs, but I have seen a few 42A CPLs and I think even a Supply one once.
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