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Re: Toughest Star Trek Species

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The douwd.
One has no problem surviving the nuclear annihilation of his home colony. He has no problem single-handedly eliminating an entire highly aggressive species. He has no weaknesses, as far as we can tell...
And what would happen if 8472 blew apart their planet or used their high-range telepathic ability against them?
1 The douwd are all on one planet? You could mean ~What would happen to one douwd if 8472 blow up the planet he is on? The answer - absolutely nothing.
Energy being with immense power who survived nuclear annihilation without even trying, remember.

2 8472 telepathy against douwd? When 8472's telepathy does not even work against humans? Again, the answer is absolutely nothing.

As said, 8472 - and all the other light-weights listed in the poll - are absolutely pathetic when compared to the douwd or the prophets when it comes to toughness AKA resistance to injury&ability to bitch-slap.
A species looking cool does NOT equal toughness.

Also, humanity - tough? Adaptable, yes. Hard to kill all of humanity - yes; much like cockroaches are hard to kill.
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