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Re: 'Day of the Dove' question...

This is one of those tech questions whose answer is indeterminate and irrelevant. Later in the episode the thing is seen cowering in a corner when Kirk and company discover it. That's just another bit of visual shorthand because that is the nature of television. All that matters is that the audience understands that the thing followed them up to the ship. (After calling the two ships from lightyears away.) And I don't think the thing would really cower in a corner, but that is the aspect of being discovered by its prey. "Darn, this party is over. Time to find a new victim."

Ultimately what matters is the allegory. Don't be led around by your emotions. Sometimes an enemy will deliberately stoke an opponent's emotions to insure irrational, inefficient defensive tactics. I wouldn't be surprised if Sun Tzu covered that somewhere in his famous volume. Think of that next time some political speech gets you riled up. You're being played. Use your head, instead.
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