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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

I actually managed to catch the livestream, it was a bit of a mess. It was quite late and when it started it was very laggy (either from their end or Youtubes, but annoying either way) and add insult to injury it cut off at the 42nd min. Seems what happened is Youtube kicked the stream because they sang "Happy Birthday", which all trivia people know is copyrighted. Thankfully a nice full version came up later on.

We did get to see more ships, the last of the pledge ships finally have images with both the Gladiator and Retaliator bombers being revealed. They were also the limited edition sale ships. Only other sale thing is the polo shirt, which is probably the only thing I'll get. I've really liked their shirts, plus I do prefer polo over T.

No news on the dogfighter, which I wasn't surprised by given it is mean to come out in December. Two months early is a bit much to hope for. Though the Hanger Module gets a big update. Also got to see the Avenger in game, I really like the look of it and it is one of the ships I'm thinking about adding pre-release.

Other news was the release of the Hornet commercial and that the brochure comes out tomorrow and with it, like the 300i, variants of the Hornet.

Popped over to the official forums a couple of times today and it is still a bit of a mad house. I'm in the more accepting side of things. The stream had issues, but I was fine with just watching on a delay until the unfortunate cutoff. Of course I would have liked to see more, the escort carrier for one, but I liked what I saw (eventually). Really these events are all well and good, but what I really want is modules as on time as possible and to see the improvements to them as time goes buy towards around this time next were when we will hopefully be looking towards the imminent release of Squadron 42.
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