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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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Javert would never have been able to forgive, let alone love Cassidy. Javert could never have tolerated having officers like Dax or Kira serving under him let alone Odo...who's sense of justice trumps his view of the law
Javert is committed to justice at all costs. As such, he would love Odo (that is, up until the writers assassinated the integrity of Odo's character in S7 by having him refuse to cure the Founders of their genocide disease [the only just course of action; one that Odo's sense of justice would compel him to take, if the character's integrity remained intact] just because Sisko told him not to).

I'm not sure why you say Javert wouldn't like Dax or Kira serving under him. Unless you mean because Dax is a hypocrite for having the gall to disparage Victor Hugo's women characters for being one-dimensional, when she herself is one of the most one-dimensional, uninteresting and worst woman characters ever written. Javert surely would not tolerate hypocrites serving under him, but that is a good thing.

Sisko forgiving Cassidy, and the other Maquis traitor/SF Captain, just goes to show that Sisko, too, is a hypocrite; it does not show that Sisko is better than Javert. I suspect that Sisko forgave them because they are black, yet could not forgive Eddington because he is white.

On the contrary, Javert is not a hypocrite, and does not apply standards of justice selectively, as does Sisko.

Furthermore, I highly doubt Javert would poison planets and/or otherwise kill/harm innocents to get his way, yet for Sisko, that is no problem.

So to answer the question,"Was Sisko a Javert?" No, Sisko is worse than a Javert: Javert is a much better person, albeit a bit misguided; Sisko, however, is a full-fledged monster [one might also recall Sisko's pretty-much-rape of Mirror Dax].

Sisko has all of Javert's bad qualities, such as obsessing over a minor theft, yet Sisko has none of Javert's good qualities, such as a consistent standard of justice and a commitment to behave personally in a moral way.
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