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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

There are shades and degrees of continuity. In the beginning of this thread when people were talking to you saying that Voyager had no continuity, that was figure of speech meaning that the continuity it had was poor, not that it was non existent.

I've calmed down in my old age, but I remember weeks ago being as manic as you seem.

But you do understand I just said that you believe that Voyager is a 200 pert story and you just proved that? And I believe in most of the continuity that you found, but I don't think it's good enough or enough to be compared to Buffy or Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactia where 90 percent of the episodes seemed seemless like between Scorpion and the gift, or between Day of Honor and Revulsion.

The only way that Voyager makes sense is if there is a month or two inbetween each story, which there is. A season lasts for a year but we only see 17 hours every season.

Are you writing a book?
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