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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

I think the third episode was a big improvement. At least we had some sort of villain this time. I'm still holding out hope that this will some day be a great show. I really like Fitz and Simmons, and of course Coulson. Ward didn't seem as stupid, and one dimensional this episode. Skye was almost not terrible(and looks fantastic in a wet red dress). Cavalry got a couple lines, so yay? Actually I think she's the character I'd like to see go the most, probably because she's done nothing so far except look grumpy.

I think the only real issue the show has is too much action. It's like non-stop. There is hardly any chance to really feel the drama before something gets punched or shot or exploded. I believe someone else in this thread said the same thing, but the tone of this show just feels very 80's. I don't want a mopey show just up the drama a tad.
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