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Re: Ugly Things That Ruin a Show

I'm going to go against the grain here. People have mentioned animation, so I'll talk about that.

People my age have told me that the animation for the shows G.I Joe and Transformers from the 80's (both shows were by the same company and had the same animation style) were both really crappy. I beg to differ. As a young viewer, I liked the fact that there were certain things that were done in these shows that is pretty rare now. Firstly, the characters were drawn in proportion, rather than being highly stylized. Whether it's simply just a super big chin in BTAS or huge heads and super slender bodies (as in a recent Spider-Man costume) nothing is as ugly to me in animation (at least, animation in which story, action and character are the important elements) than stylized characters with exaggerated proportion. Sunbow (who animated G.I. Joe and Transformers) kept everyone perfectly proportioned, the seemed like real people and real characters. People can say that the animation itself wasn't quite as smooth as some of the latter efforts of more stylized animation, but, screw it, I was able to invest in the characters more if I can take them seriously. Also the backgrounds were well-done and the usual music cues they sued all the time really made me excited.
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