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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

I have held out on this suggestion in hopes that I would actually have the time to join one of the art contests. Alas, life and family continue to get in teh way (I really need to win the lottery, but I digress).

My son is a Boy Scout, and as such has to enter a car in the annual Pinewood Derby. After "helping" him make his (actually I have made him do more of the work as he got oder, but the thought of a Dremel in the hands of a 6 year old seemed a bit reckless) this year, I plan on putting together my own based on the TMP shuttlecraft (using the diagrams in Shane Johnson's "Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise"). It is either that, or the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, since there is no height limit.

thus, my contest idea is to see what everyone could come up with if they had to do a Pinewood Derby Car in the fashion of a Star Trek vessel (any vessel, doesn't matter what kind). The only caveat would be that it actually has to meet the maximum length and weight specs (I think it is 7 inches long and I know it can weigh no more than 5 ozs.).

Of course, you don't need to carve your own block of wood, you could "construct" your car using the 3-D program of your choice, so long as it met the length and weight requirements.

If interested, PM me and I will get the hard facts about the requirements.
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