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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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A nutty comment on the YouTube promotional video:

"Fail! Fail! No human can fit in these ships, much less a whole crew.How are you suppose to fly the darn things?"

I think this person fails to comprehend the meaning of the term "scale model".
Your YouTube mention had me curious as to what's going with this collection. Well, if that previously mentioned comment wasn't enough...I found a Review that's even worse than that. Get a load of this one: (and I warn your might just go blind after this one.)

In any case, what I'm finding is that the 1.99 lb ($4.95) price is enticing many non-Trek, and even non-Sci-Fi fans, to buy Issue #1, and then having to audacity of doing a YouTube Review of the model. This would be like me doing Reviews of Romance Novels.
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