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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

Hey guys, sorry was busy for a bit so couldn't reply to your posts.
I actually spent some time rewatching some of the TNG episodes related to the Bajoran/Cardassian conflicts with my dad (primarily so he would understand the story)
We watched:
The Hunted
Ensign Ro
Chain of Command 1&2
Preemptive Strike
I was thinking about watching Lower Decks, but didn't think it was important enough story wise.
So with DS9 we just finished watching "The Nagus"
I don't see anything that would suggest she should, let alone does, have PTSD.
Ok, perhaps I misinterpreted it then. Still, Nana Visitor is off somehow, it's hard to explain. I think she's over the top most of the time.
In fact, half the main characters seem to be very angry all the time. Sisko, Kira, Odo in particular.
Why can't Nerys simply be an angry woman? I never thought she had PTSD, only that she is (understandably) angry in general.
So far the show needed a major character in it that wasn't pissed off all the time. None of the actors are (so far) pulling "angry" properly. Kira is the worst. There's no subtle layers of emotion, it's just bitch mode 24/7.
Sisko is not much better, but he's not "angry" per say, just a loudmouthed oaf.
Really the season 1 episode I show people to win them over is Duet. A powerful episode on so many levels and if you're not gonna like that, chances are you wouldn't the rest of the series anyways.
I'm not there yet. I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far though.
It would be believable if Kira had PTSD but I never saw any sign of that in the series. Just, in season one she was still in a trench mentality. The first time you see her kind of coming down from that and rediscovering her peacetime self was in Battle Lines when she breaks down to Opaca.
Hmm, I don't remember this. This will be interesting to watch.
I don't know what it is, but for the most part, the TOS actors are the only ones who actually have acting chops IMO, with the exception of Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner when he's playing innocent Data (he sucks at everything else, he thinks he's a comedian) and Jeri Ryan, who ironically was hired to be the bimbo and out-acted all the main cast single handedly (except for Robert Picardo, who did a great job as the underappreciated EMH).
I haven't seen a DS9 equivalent yet, except maybe for Quark, I'm already liking his character quite a bit.
I didn't really like Kira that much in the beginning either, but she really grew on me and became the best written female character in Star Trek IMO.
Is there a best written male? Spock was a great character because Leonard Nemoy had this amazing ability to portray a character conflicted by underlying emotion trying to defeat the logic he forced on himself *without* just seeming like an asshole. Tim Russ payed Tuvok as an asshole. Jolene Blalock played T'Pol as a bitch. Mark Lenard was almost as good as Nemoy but misses the mark.
Any male actor who was great, was due to the acting chops of the actor, not the writing. I can't think of a well written character of any gender actually. Maybe Ensign Ro? But I may change my mind after I finish with DS9
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