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Re: Movie Caption Contest #237: Ready to Rumble

``OK, then how about this series pitch: you're my first officer on the Titan, and we've got a malfunctioning warp drive that sends us to different time-periods every week and we have to set stuff so the Trek universe like we know it happens, only, what we don't know in-character is we're going into other sci-fi shows like Battlestar Galactica or Doctor Who and doing this gag where we treat these shows like they're Trek and ... you're not buying this, are you?''
``I think the one where it's a sitcom at Troi's Mother's house has better four-quadrant demographic appeal right now.''

``That is indeed potent. Guinan, might I have another glass of your bottled Magic Genie?''

As Kirk and Kruge battled, the shaggy, golden toupee watched, wondering who would win the right to wear it, and considering who it would prefer.
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