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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

Dave Scarpa wrote: View Post
What a difference from todays, Judge Judy's or Doctor OZ schlock, and we wonder why teenagers lack intelligence these days.
So true, true. Whatever flaws these shows may have had, the ideas and imagination were truly inspiring!

KirkusOveractus wrote: View Post
We get the Me-TV network where I live, and our upstairs TV is just antenna (it was too expensive to have someone run the FiOS line up there also), and on Saturdays at 9pm I'll go watch TOS up there, just to have a little of the feeling I had back in the day, of watching Star Trek on an antenna-based TV!
I admire/envy KirkusOveractus for this: I've been hankering to re-visit the snowy broadcasts of yore! I'm even preparing some simulated video clips of such (which so far look really authentic and cool), but can't decide where to post them...
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