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Re: Nostalgia of TOS on VHS!

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I get a nostalgia feeling from my old TOS single episode tapes. Some episodes i have in the older "Picture in transporter" paramount 75th anniversary edition, and some are in the newer "Comet" edition. The actual smell of the tapes after they been playing a while even reminds me of old days of watching star trek as a child.
You reminded me there of how much I used to love the smell of electronics. After buying a new VCR, tv, radio, etc., my nose would immediately go to the air vent/grill thing and inhale deeply!

Being in the process of moving currently, I just so happen to be going through my old 'transporter' Star Trek videotapes from the mid-late eighties. I'd picked up maybe fifteen or twenty episodes, chosen entirely on the whims of the moment. Now here I am, on the verge of throwing these old gems away...
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